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8/15/2016 – The parties have filed a Joint Status Report with the Court which you can read here.  Doc. 108 Joint Status report

 1/20/2016 – Update 2: The Court issued the following order today concerning a meet and confer over the potential of settlement and discovery. The order can be read here.

Update 1: On January 19, 2016, the Turner Plaintiffs filed a motion for an order requesting the Court to permit discovery against Allstate to begin.  The motion can be found here.

Previous updates can be seen here.

According to our investigation, in July of 2013, Allstate Insurance Company notified many of its retirees that it would cease paying for retiree life insurance benefits, effective January 1, 2016. The retirees trusted Allstate to follow through on its promise of lifetime life insurance benefits, they relied on that promise, and they have planned their retirement accordingly. Most notably, many retirees chose not to purchase their own fixed-cost life insurance at a younger age when such insurance was more reasonably priced. These retirees cannot find life insurance today at reasonable rates and may be forced out of their coverage as a result. If you have received such a notification, or Allstate has stopped paying your retiree life insurance benefits, and would like a free evaluation of your legal options, then please contact Taylor Bartlett at 205-326-3336 or 1-800-241-9779.