BP Oil Spill

Heninger Garrison Davis is currently filing claims for the BP Oil Settlement. If you own a business of any type, in any part of Alabama or Mississippi you may qualify for compensation from the BP Oil Spill Settlement.

There is a settlement pending, and if you can meet certain criteria and can show a loss of at least 15% in your 2010 revenue compared to other prior years, you may pass the test and be entitled to compensation.

Many owners have told us that their businesses are not on the coast, or not in the seafood or tourism industry – and therefore would not qualify. This is not true.

Many business owners have told us they do not want to try to profit off something that did not impact them. This is not true – you may not realize that your business was affected as well. Many persons lost jobs because of this disaster and have less income to spend on other things. People traveled less to this area and may not have stopped in at your business like they would have normally.

You may simply have had a decline in your business in the last few years, and it is a coincidence, but it could result in a claim for you now.

Some examples of claims:
• Scrap metal dealer – $630,000
• Plumbing company – $730,000
• Veterinary clinic – $90,000
• Architecture firm – $30,000
• Law Firm – $2,130,000

Other examples of businesses with loss calculations:
• Furniture Store
• Hotel
• Construction Company
• Healthcare Clinic
• Physician / Dental Practice
• Barbershop / Hair Salon

The process is simple, call our firm at 1-800-241-9779. In most cases, we will come and meet with you about your possible claim once we have an initial discussion about the criteria we are looking for.

We charge nothing. We only get a fee if you are successful in your claim. There are no out of pocket expenses to you.