Class Action & Mass Torts

Mass Tort litigation is a fairly new area of law which has been created out of advances in production and distribution of products. A Mass Tort is when many people are injured in a similar fashion by the same type of product. Since the victims experienced a similar situation, it allows their claims to be heard together.
Mass Torts is one of the few areas of legal practice which requires a great deal of financial backing and a large support staff to handle the cases. Handling multi-plaintiff claims requires the assistance of numerous mass torts attorneys, paralegals, and a large support staff. Heninger Garrison Davis has the financial strength, knowledge base, and extensive resources to locate the experts required to litigate Mass Tort claims.
We work closely with our clients throughout the litigation process to maximize and expedite their recoveries. Our attorneys work as a team, drawing upon their combined knowledge, training, and skills to provide our clients with decades of litigation expertise.