In general, negative health effects caused by exposure to toxic substances and environmental pollutants have increased immeasurably over the last fifty years.

Individuals and small businesses can suffer injuries, both to their person and to their property or financial interests, as a result of chemical exposure or environmental pollution. Many toxic substances, such as lead-based paint, asbestos, pesticides, and even toxic mold have been shown to cause serious health problems and birth defects. Industrial workers and children are at particular risk. Also, pollution, by both water and air, can cause property damage and loss of business income.

Heninger Garrison Davis maintains a strong commitment to victims of environmental and toxic torts. The firm has taken on cases involving exposure to workplace toxic exposure, toxic mold, air pollution, water pollution, and chemicals on property. We consult the most-respected scientists and physicians in pursuing these cases, and we hold accountable those who carelessly subject our fellow citizens and communities to dangerous exposure to toxic substances and environmental pollution.