Nursing Home Litigation

Reports estimate that in 2011, 85% of the population will at some point require some sort of caregiving assistance in their remaining years. The companies that operate nursing homes have come under close scrutiny in recent years due to the high number of injuries and deaths of nursing home residents. Because the nursing home industry has become a multi-billion dollar business comprised of major corporations, in some facilities profitability has become more important than administering proper care. The New York Times has reported that 90% of all nursing home facilities have been cited for violating federal health and safety standards.

Nursing home neglect or abuse can have tragic results such as nursing home deaths, falls resulting in broken bones, malnutrition, dehydrations, decubitus ulcers and residents wandering off the nursing home premises and stepping into harm’s way.

The laws of most states require that nursing home facilities provide the necessary care and services in order to maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psycho-social well-being or each resident. Reports of residents suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, and pressure sores are far too common, as are instances of medication errors by nursing home employees. Many nursing homes are understaffed resulting in injuries and deaths by patients left unattended.

Nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities are responsible for providing quality care to patients and residents. If an injury occurs because of a nursing home’s negligence, or even worse, due to direct abuse, the nursing home is responsible for compensating the patient for his or her injury. Compensation includes reimbursement for pain and suffering, medical bills, and the loss of enjoyment of life. There are also state laws that provide additional protections to nursing home patients.

In any situation where a patient or resident of a nursing home is seriously injured as a result of the nursing home’s inadequate care, the patient should seek the advice of an attorney. It is difficult to have a nursing home compensate you fairly for your injuries without the help of an attorney.