Olympic PPG "Rescue It" Lawsuit









Olympic PPG manufactures, markets, and sells paint and stain products. For 2014, it recognized more than billion in revenue. Among the products PPG manufactures and sells are Olympic branded “Rescue It!” Products. PPG markets and represents the Rescue It! Products as deck and concrete resurfacers which provide a durable and long-lasting surface which is resistant to cracking and peeling. Through a uniform narrative, PPG represents to consumers that Rescue It! resurfacers are a high-quality product which provides an “ideal” protective coating for decks and concrete surfaces.

Our investigation has found that the Rescue It! Products are defective and PPG’s representations are false. These products invariably crack and peel, failing in their represented purpose and qualities and causing significant damage. The Rescue It! Products contain a manufacturing or design defect that prevents them from adhering correctly to the underlying deck or concrete. Despite the availability of reasonable alternatives and its knowledge that the Rescue It! Products are defective, PPG continues to manufacture, market, and sell them.

If you have experienced cracking and peeling and subsequent damage to your deck or concrete surface after using the Olympic PPG product, please contact Jim McDonough for a free legal evaluation of your options at (404) 996-0869 or email jmcdonough@hgdlawfirm.com.