CenturyLink Overcharges

UPDATE March 2019: HGD is no longer accepting new clients for CenturyLink class action.

Attorneys from Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC’s class action and intellectual property group filed a class action complaint this week against the United States and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for damages to Christy, Inc. and a class of other patent holders whose property was taken by the USPTO without compensation in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution.

CenturyLink Overcharges

Customers have alleged that CenturyLink signed its customers up for services they didn’t request or authorize. In papers filed with the court, insiders at CenturyLink reported that many accounts were activated without customer knowledge or consent. The goal was to meet performance and incentive programs and boost profits. But the customers paid for those practices, resulting in heavy overcharge fees when customers tried to challenge the charges or terminate their accounts. Heninger Garrison Davis Attorneys are representing clients in the class action. Our legal team is helping current or former CenturyLink customers and we want to talk to you and learn about your experience. Fill out a free case review form to submit your information.

CenturyLink Overcharges – What are the Allegations?

CenturyLink Inc. is a telecommunications company providing cable, internet, and phone service to 37 states. According to a Bloomberg report, a former CenturyLink employee was receiving complaints from customers that unauthorized services were being added and billed to their accounts. She believed the complaints closely resembled an investigation into Wells Fargo’s practices of setting up fake accounts to meet internal sales goals. When the employee brought her concerns to the highest members of management, she was terminated from employment.

Customers are alleging CenturyLink added unauthorized services including:

How We Can Help

If you are a current or former CenturyLink customer, you might have been charged for services you didn’t authorize. We’d like to hear about your experience and consider how we might help. If you would like more information, or would just like to talk with someone on our team, please submit a free case review contact form on the below link or call us. Heninger Garrison Davis is experienced in handling consumer claims and we welcome any questions you may have.

Even if you feel you are not ready to file a suit, consult one of our qualified lawyers as soon as possible so that you will know your options. We do not charge any fees upfront. In fact, we will only charge attorney’s fees if we obtain a financial settlement for you. 

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