Long-Term Disability Claims

Our HGD disability attorneys have vast experience navigating the legal processes involved in insuring that disabled claimants get a fair assessment and settlement from their insurance company. We are committed to helping all of our claimants navigate through the complicated claims process.

Even when claimant’s policies are not so generous, insurance companies work to limit the exposure they have to the risk of paying high claims and they make it difficult to navigate the claims process. Further complicating the claims process for you – the insurance companies are not penalized for holding up payments on a claim. When you are relying on a claim payment to make ends meet, a delay from the insurance company can be devastating to your financial and emotional well being. When a claim is wrongfully denied, the consequences on you and your family can be especially devastating.

In a personal injury claim, where there are no limits to the amount of money paid to a plaintiff, the only thing the insurance company loses by denying, delaying or terminating your claim, is the amount that they would have paid in the first place and lawyers fees. Because an improperly filed claim can result in instant denial, hiring a LTD attorney will help you understand the process and complete a more comprehensive claim.

We help people effectively fight their
Offenders back and successfully defend their own stand!

Even if you feel you are not ready to file a suit, consult one of our qualified lawyers as soon as possible so that you will know your options. We do not charge any fees upfront. In fact, we will only charge attorney’s fees if we obtain a financial settlement for you. If you don’t win, we won’t get paid a legal fee.

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