Judicial Correction Services Illegal Probation Fees

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Have you been charged probation fees for a misdemeanor offense?

If you have paid any money as a monthly fee for probation in a municipal court in Alabama, you may have been victimized by a bad practice recently publicized by the Birmingham News, on AL.com, and in The New York Times. The monthly fees are connected to traffic tickets and other matters in municipal court.

These matters are known as misdemeanors and may include moving violations, tag violations, or failures to have auto insurance. They are not felonies. We believe that the probation fees are illegal if you paid them for more than two years, or if the order or probation that you received was not signed by the municipal court judge.

Municipal courts are located in towns and cities across Alabama. If you have received a ticket in municipal court and made monthly payments for probation in connection with the ticket, you may be entitled to compensation.

The company responsible for this problem is Judicial Corrections Services, Inc. If you or someone you know has dealt with Judicial Corrections Services, Inc., you may be eligible for compensation.

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