Valley Grande Personal Injury Lawyer

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A serious injury can turn your life upside down. If you were injured because of the negligence or intentional actions of another party, you could be entitled to recover compensation. While pursuing a legal claim on your own can be challenging, an experienced Valley Grande personal injury attorney can help.

At Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC, we have successfully recovered over three billion dollars in damages for our clients. We are available to help accident victims throughout Alabama and beyond. Contact us today through our website or by giving us a call to schedule a free consultation with a member of our legal team.

What a Personal Injury Attorney Serving Valley Grande Can Do to Help

After suffering an injury, you should focus your attention on your well-being and healing from your injuries. Unfortunately, financial concerns can draw your attention elsewhere. That’s where a personal injury lawyer can step in. An experienced lawyer can handle every aspect of your legal case so that you can focus on your health.

Your attorney will investigate your case in an attempt to gather evidence and prove the liability of another party. After completing their investigation and reviewing the damages you suffered, your attorney will calculate the full value of your claim. Your lawyer will then file the necessary paperwork for an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

While preparing your case for a potential trial, your attorney will be in continuing negotiations with the opposition, attempting to reach a settlement deal. If a deal can not be reached, your lawyer will argue your case in the courtroom. Located just 90 minutes from our headquarters in Birmingham, we have a long history of helping personal injury victims in Valley Grande. 

Damages Available Following a Personal Injury

After sustaining an injury caused by the actions or inaction of another party, there are several types of damages you will likely be able to pursue. The specific damages that apply to your case will depend on the details of your accident. It’s essential to identify all the damages that apply in order to recover the full value of your claim.

Vehicle Repairs

If your injury was the result of a car accident, you can pursue compensation for any damage done to your vehicle. Depending on the extent of the damage, this money can cover the cost of repairs or replacement of your vehicle. Furthermore, compensation can also be recovered for any other property that is damaged in the accident.

Medical Costs

These damages are used to cover the cost of any medical treatment you receive, including rehabilitation and medication. Medical costs are awarded for both current and projected future expenses. A medical expert can help determine how much your future medical costs will likely be and testify to the extent of your damages in court, if necessary.

Lost Wages

You can recover these damages for any income you lost because of time missed from work because of your injury.

Diminished Earning Capacity

If your injuries prevent you from performing all of your duties at work or make it impossible to return to work at all, you may be able to recover compensation to cover the money you likely would have earned in the future had you not been injured.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages are awarded if your injuries result in chronic pain or other suffering. Because these damages are personal in nature rather than harming your bank account, the value of these losses can vary greatly but is typically substantial.

Permanent Disability

If your injury results in a permanent disability, you can qualify for compensation due to the long-term impact this type of injury can have on your life. A spinal injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI), or other form of permanent injury can significantly reduce your quality of life, limiting your ability to engage in many activities you previously enjoyed.

Emotional Distress

Sustaining an injury can be emotionally scarring. If, after your injury, you are facing issues like anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the compensation you can recover is often significant.

File Your Lawsuit Before Time Runs Out

When pursuing a lawsuit after suffering a personal injury, you must be mindful of the personal injury statute of limitations for the state in which you were injured. In Alabama, accident victims generally have two years to file a lawsuit against the liable party. Missing the filing deadline will likely mean the loss of your right to claim compensation.

However, you should always consult an attorney, even if you believe your filing window has already closed. An experienced Valley Grande personal injury lawyer can identify if special circumstances apply to your case that alter the amount of time you have to take legal action. Speaking with a lawyer early can protect you from being surprised by an early deadline.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Valley Grande

Hiring an experienced lawyer will give you the best odds of recovering the money you need and deserve when pursuing compensation for an injury. At Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC, we know the challenges that accident victims face. Our team of personal injury lawyers serving Valley Grande has a history of securing sizable payouts for our clients.

Whether through settlement negotiations or in the courtroom, we will fight to get you the money you need and deserve. Contact us today by phone or through our website to schedule a free consultation.