Selma Personal Injury Lawyer

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Were you hurt in an accident in Selma, Alabama? Accidents can leave you with serious injuries, high medical expenses, and other costs. In this situation, you can contact our team at Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC, to get help from a Selma personal injury attorney. 

Your lawyer can address your legal concerns and answer any questions you have quickly. We provide truthful details about your options and have the resources to negotiate with insurance agents or even help with a lawsuit in Selma, AL. 

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When Can You File a Selma Personal Injury Claim? 

You may file a personal injury claim in Selma, AL if someone else causes an accident that leaves you with injuries or financial losses. A Selma personal injury lawyer can review your situation to see if someone else is liable for your expenses. 

Our team focuses on a wide range of personal injury cases in Selma. For example, we take on clients dealing with injuries from: 

  • Commercial Vehicle/ Trucking
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Brain/Spinal Injury
  • Nursing Homes
  • Medical Professional Malpractice
  • Sexual Abuse/Assault in Selma
  • Trip and fall or slip and fall accidents 

We can take on workplace injuries, helping our clients handle the workers’ compensation system. We also manage claims for homeowners’ liability and liquor liability. We assist with exposure to toxic chemicals, car accidents, nursing home abuse, and injuries caused by defective products

Find out more by contacting us today for help. 

How does a Selma Personal Injury Lawyer Help? 

Your personal injury attorney in Selma, AL, can assist with every aspect of your legal claim. Our team focuses on the specific legal challenges you face after providing you with a consultation about your case. 

We adjust our services to meet your needs and can handle all communication with insurance companies, giving you more time to recover. We focus on investigating accidents in Selma and may: 

  • Work with accident experts in Selma 
  • Go over the scene of the accident
  • Look for video and photo evidence in Selma
  • Question all witnesses to your accident 
  • Acquire copies of your Selma accident reports 

As we gather detailed information and evidence about your claim, we’ll work to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. However, we aren’t afraid to file a lawsuit to bring you damages to cover your losses. 

Can You Hire a Lawyer in Selma After a Deadly Accident? 

We understand that some accidents have deadly consequences in Selma. In this situation, you can contact a wrongful death attorney for help. An attorney can assist your family and provide compassionate answers to your questions. 

We’re ready to help you hold the liable party responsible for their negligent actions. 

What Funds do You Get After an Accident in Selma? 

Your Selma personal injury attorney can take steps to bring you compensation for any expenses caused directly by your accident. Depending on your situation, you may receive funds to cover your: 

  • Immediate medical care and long-term treatment
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation 
  • Medications 
  • Lost wages, bonuses, and raises 
  • Diminished earning potential in Selma
  • Property damage, including repairs for a vehicle 
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish 

We work with you to track all the expenses you face after your accident, allowing you to move forward with your case with confidence. 

How Much Compensation Do You Get in Selma? 

The funds available after your accident in Selma can vary based on factors like the extent of your injuries. In many cases, the other party may attempt to blame you for the wreck to avoid covering your losses.  

Your personal injury lawyer in Selma, AL, can focus on the total losses caused by traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, spinal cord injuries, burns, and other accident results. 

Why Pick Us for Your Selma Accident Claim?

Our team has nearly twenty years of experience handling personal injury cases for clients like you and a record of success showing our commitment to serving your needs. We’ve recovered over $3 billion in damages, demonstrating our relentless work in and out of court. 

We offer video consultations that allow you to get fast answers to your legal questions. We’ve represented clients in every state around the country, broadening our understanding of the law and giving us a firm grasp of the legal challenges you might face. 

Additionally, we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you’ll only pay us for legal fees after we resolve your claim.  

What’s the Time Frame for a Selma Personal Injury Claim? 

You must file your personal injury case in Selma before Alabama’s statute of limitations expires. Generally, you’ll have a few years to hire a Selma personal injury attorney and begin working on your claim, but exceptions may exist. 

Our team can review your situation and provide you with specific information about deadlines for your case. 

What Should You Do After an Accident in Selma?

Ensure you contact a Selma personal injury lawyer quickly after an accident. Getting legal help immediately allows an attorney to give you information about your next steps. 

In addition to working with a lawyer, we recommend that you properly report your accident, which may involve calling the police or notifying the business owner. Furthermore, ensure you seek treatment for any injuries caused by the accident. 

Speak to Us After an Accident in Selma, AL

You can hire a Selma personal injury attorney from our team at Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC, for assistance with all of your legal needs. Our team strives to provide you with the compassionate legal care you require after an accident. 

You can begin the legal process now by calling or filling out our online contact form.