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Plaintiffs Secure a Settlement Against Massage Envy in Class Action Lawsuit

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Hundreds of women across the country have reported being sexually assaulted or harassed at a Massage Envy location. Massage Envy is the largest massage chain in the United States, with over 1,200 locations and 20,000 therapists. Sadly, many customers have reported that Massage Envy has failed to take appropriate measures after they reported sexual harassment or assault by massage therapists. If you have experienced sexual assault or harassment while getting a massage at Massage Envy, you may have the right to pursue a legal claim through a class action lawsuit.

Hundreds of women across the country are pursuing justice through a class action lawsuit to hold Massage Envy accountable for their negligence. Discussing your case with an experienced sexual harassment attorney in Alabama can help you protect your legal rights and understand your options. Reach out to Heninger Garrison Davis to schedule your free case evaluation and learn more about whether you may be able to join a class action lawsuit.

Massage Envy’s Policy Attempts to Force Women to Surrender Their Rights

Massage Envy has a clause in its customer agreements that states customers surrender their right to bring a claim or take legal action against Massage Envy. Courts can strike down these types of provisions for being unconscionable, especially because customers are in an unfair bargaining position when signing these boilerplate agreements. There is also evidence indicating that former employees were trained not to encourage police to show up at their location when a customer reported a sexual assault or sexual harassment event. The company allegedly does not require reporting suspected assaults to the relevant state’s Massage Therapy Board. Multiple cases against Massage Envy involve employees who had already received prior complaints of sexual assault by customers. The company allegedly did nothing about these complaints, allowing perpetrators to keep preying on vulnerable clients. Instead of addressing these policy failures and taking action to make customers safer, they deny liability.

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Recovering Compensation After Being Harassed or Assaulted by a Massage Therapist

Customers who get massages are somewhat vulnerable and have to trust the company to hire trustworthy massage therapists. When massage companies engage in negligent hiring or negligent safety practices, victims can hold the company liable for their injuries.

For example, if a Massage Envy location hired a massage therapist with a credible sexual harassment complaint filed against them, and the employee went on to assault another customer, Massage Envy acted negligently. The customer would be able to bring a personal injury claim against the business for failure to use reasonable care to prevent a foreseeable injury when hiring the employee. Similarly, suppose Massage Envy fails to respond adequately to known instances of sexual assault and harassment to prevent more from happening in the future. In that case, customers who become injured at their location have a right to pursue a personal injury claim for damages. Victims of sexual assault can recover compensation for their past and future medical expenses, lost income, and the pain and suffering they have endured as victims of sexual assault.

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When people place their bodies in a massage therapist’s hands, they put their trust in the therapist and expect them to act professionally. Due to the nature of a massage, individuals are more vulnerable than usual, contributing to the immense trauma caused by sexual assault or harassment by a massage therapist. You are not alone if you have been the victim of sexual harassment or assault.

Unfortunately, many people like you have also been the victims of Massage Envy’s negligence. You may be able to pursue compensation through a class action lawsuit. Contact the attorneys at Heninger Garrison Davis today to schedule your free case evaluation. You only have a limited time to pursue compensation, and you do not want to miss this opportunity.

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