Paragard IUD Lawsuit

Women Suffering ParaGard Removal Complications May Be Eligible for Compensation

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FDA-approved 30 years ago, the ParaGard IUD device prevents pregnancy by using copper elements to cause inflammatory reactions within the uterus. This reaction inactivates sperm motility to provide 99 percent effectiveness against fertilization. However, women who have had ParaGard removed are claiming ParaGard failed to warn them about the potential complications of having the IUD removed.

Recently, the U.S Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has centralized the rapidly increasing number of Paragard lawsuits in the Northern District of GA. According to the order, over 80 claims are pending in many courts across the U.S. with more expected in the next few months. ParaGard manufacturers named in the lawsuits include Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Teva Women’s Health LLC and CooperSurgical Inc.

Minor Side Effects of ParaGard Removal

Not all women experience T-arm breakage during removal of ParaGard IUDs. However, after this device is removed, you may have the following problems that do no qualify for inclusion in a ParaGard Lawsuit:

While health issues like these can disrupt your quality of life temporarily, they do not meet eligibility criteria for participating in a ParaGard IUD lawsuit.

Do You or Someone You Know Qualify for a ParaGard Side Effects Lawsuit?

What is happening to some women who have had the ParaGard IUD removed? The most common complication involves breaking of the T-arm as a doctor is removing the device. In other IUDs, the T-arm bends to facilitate removal. ParaGard’s T-arm does not bend. Instead, it can break during removal, which allows the T-arm piece to move further up into the uterus. In addition to perforation of the uterine wall due to T-arm breakage, other serious ParaGard removal complications have been reported:

Women who have suffered T-arm breaks during removal of ParaGard must undergo one or more surgeries so that the T-arm can be removed. Hysteroscopies and laparotomies do not always result in surgeons locating the T-arm. Some women filing a ParaGard lawsuit required hysterectomies due to extensive damage caused by breaking of the T-arm. Other women have had to wait up to two years or more before attempting to get pregnant after T-arm breakage.

The Open Journal of Clinical & Medical Case Reports published an article studying the consequences of T-arm breaks over a three-year period. In addition to finding that reports of ParaGard T-arm breakage may be underestimated, the researchers concluded that: if excessive force is needed to remove IUDs, there should be increased awareness of potential malpositioning….this is especially the case when using the ParaGard copper IUD”.

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What are ParaGard Lawsuit Attorneys Arguing in Court?

Recent court filings state that the manufacturer of ParaGard IUDs Teva knew the health risks associated with removal or use of their device when they began marketing the product. However, lawyers representing plaintiffs in ParaGard lawsuits are claiming that Teva deliberately ignored or simply downplayed these risks. Also noted in filings is the fact that Teva has never released clinical data specific to complications reported by women participating in pre-approval studies. Nondisclosure of information by Teva further includes post-marketing summaries from physicians providing ParaGard. Attorneys handling ParaGard side effects lawsuit documents say that Teva further downplayed risks of their IUD to avoid costly FDA recalls.

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Pharmaceutical and medical device makers should and must be held accountable for causing devastating injuries to individuals who use and trust their products. Teva is no exception. Seeking justice to rectify ParaGard removal complications involves filing a claim, submitting medical reports and being fully compensated for your damages.

If you or someone you know has had their life severely impacted by Teva’s negligence, call our law firm today. We may be able to get the compensation you deserve. However, don’t delay in contacting us. Litigation against Teva is ongoing and expected to culminate this year in a class action resolution. Please contact Taylor Bartlett at 205.549.4461 or 1.800.241.9779. We are now accepting cases on a contingency fee basis and look forward to helping all women who have suffered ParaGard removal complications.

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