Alabama Premises Liability Lawyer

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You would have legal options if you sustained an injury on someone else’s property in Alabama. Our team at Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC, can review liability for the accident and go over your expenses. Your Alabama premises liability attorney can answer your questions and guide you. 

You may end up settling with the insurance company or filing a lawsuit after an accident on another person’s property. In this situation, you can get legal help on your side by contacting a personal injury lawyer

Learn more about your options by calling or filling out our online contact form. 

When Can You File a Premises Liability Claim in Alabama? 

You may have a chance to file a premises liability claim against a property owner or someone renting a property if you meet certain eligibility requirements. Generally, lawyers step in to help if the property owner owes you a duty of care and fails to uphold that duty. 

Property owners must maintain a certain level of safety around their property. They cannot knowingly allow hazards to develop without taking steps to fix the dangerous issue. However, the degree of their responsibility can vary based on your legal right to be on the property. 

Alabama treats customers, guests, and trespassers differently under the law. You can learn more about your specific situation with an Alabama premises liability lawyer. 

What Kind of Accidents Lead to Premises Liability Cases?

A law firm may help you file a premises liability claim in Alabama after several kinds of accidents. We can assist you if you: 

  • Slip and fall on someone else’s property
  • Experience an accident on a balcony, deck, or stairs 
  • Sustain an injury in a swimming pool 
  • Got hurt due to insufficient security at someone’s property

We’re ready to take on slip-and-fall cases caused by spills, ice, snow, or uneven flooring. We can also help with accidents caused by loose railing or poor lighting. Find out more by contacting an Alabama premises liability attorney now. 

What Compensation do You Get for a Premises Liability Claim? 

Our team can track your losses after an accident on someone else’s property. We understand the economic and non-economic expenses associated with these events, including your healthcare expenses. 

Working with a premises liability attorney in Alabama can allow you to seek compensation for your: 

  • Emergency room treatment and an ambulance ride
  • Time in the hospital 
  • Medical tests and necessary procedures 
  • Rehabilitation, physical therapy, and medications 

You may also receive funds for your lost wages and diminished earning potential. If some of your property sustained damage in the accident, you could receive funds to repair or replace these items. 

Finally, your Alabama premises liability attorney could help you secure funds to cover your pain, mental anguish, and emotional suffering. Discuss all these losses with us today. 

How Much Compensation do You Get After an Accident? 

The funds available to you after a premises liability accident can vary. We look at the costs you sustained as a result of your injuries and other losses and develop an idea of possible compensation based on this information. 

How does a Premises Liability Lawyer Help You? 

A premises liability lawyer in Alabama can address any legal concerns you have after an accident. We work quickly to answer client questions and offer video consultations that allow you to review the facts of your case and go over your next steps. 

Your lawyer can step in to handle insurance agents, dealing with them as you focus on your recovery. We also quickly work to gather evidence to support your claim. In many cases, our investigation involves: 

  • Speaking to witnesses who saw your accident
  • Looking for security or surveillance footage from the accident
  • Visiting the property where your injuries occurred 
  • Working with premises liability accident experts 

We use the evidence we collect to focus on either negotiating a settlement or helping you file a lawsuit against the property owner at-fault for your losses. 

Why Pick Us for Your Premises Liability Claim? 

Our team has extensive experience helping clients like you after serious accidents. We’ve been handling claims since 2006, giving us the legal foundation to handle complex claims while respecting the individual needs of our clients. 

We have the resources of a national firm while focusing on providing personalized care to each client who contacts us for help, all backed by a record of success. We’ve brought clients like you over $3 billion in compensation. 

We offer video consultations and stay in communication with you throughout the course of your legal claim. You can learn more today by reaching out to us. 

How Long does a Premises Liability Claim Take in Alabama? 

You must resolve your premises liability claim in Alabama before receiving compensation for your losses. The time frame to secure funds depends on the complexity of your claim and how you choose to resolve the situation. 

Generally, individuals receive funds more quickly when they settle, but insurance agents may refuse to fully cover your losses, requiring you to file a lawsuit. You can review the best options for your situation with an Alabama premises liability lawyer. 

Remember that you need to file your claim before the Alabama statute of limitations expires to have a chance of securing compensation. Your attorney can track this deadline for you to ensure you have an opportunity to seek damages. 

Contact Us for Help with a Premises Liability Claim 

An Alabama premises liability attorney from Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC, can help you with your legal needs after an accident. We stand up for you and deal with the property owner on your behalf, giving you more time to recover. 

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