Alabama Sexual Abuse Lawyer

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Experiencing sexual abuse as a minor can have a devastating impact on your mental well-being, physical health, and many other aspects of your life. If you or a loved one has experienced abuse at school, church, or another setting, you have the right to take legal action and make your voice heard.

Standing up against your abuser can be difficult, but that’s where our firm can help. An Alabama sexual abuse attorney from Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC can build a strong claim on your behalf and demand compensation from the offending party. 

Using our combined experience and legal skill, we’ll work hard to secure the justice and peace of mind you deserve. 

Defining Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can come in a variety of different forms. If you’re unsure whether you’ve experienced abuse, you might find it helpful to consult with a sexual abuse lawyer from Alabama. They’ll meet with you to discuss the abuse you’ve suffered and determine if you’re eligible to file a claim.

In a general sense, sexual abuse occurs when an individual experiences unwanted sexual behavior or contact. Different forms of abuse include the following:

  • Unwanted sexual touching
  • Exposing a minor to sexually explicit material
  • Groping
  • Attempted rape
  • Non-consensual penetration

Sexual abuse comes in many forms, so it’s important to reach out to a trusted counselor or attorney if you feel you’ve experienced abuse in any way. 

Our Sexual Abuse Lawyer Can Combat Many Forms of Abuse

Adults and minors can experience unwanted and non-consensual sexual advances in almost any setting. At Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC, we’ve represented individuals like yourself and filed successful sexual assault lawsuits since our firm’s opening in 2006.

We’ve worked on countless types of cases, and we’re confident we can use our valuable experience and legal knowledge to take action on your behalf, no matter where your abuse occurred. You’ll want to reach out to our compassionate and trusted team of advocates if you or someone close to you has experienced abuse in one of the following settings:

  • At home or in a family environment
  • School
  • Church
  • Organized sports associations
  • Doctor’s office

No matter where or for how long your abuse occurred, our team will be able to go through the proper channels to report your experience and seek financial compensation for the pain, emotional suffering, and financial losses you’ve endured. 

How Our Sexual Abuse Attorneys in Alabama Can Win Your Case

Our firm has represented individuals in all 50 states since 2006. During that time, we’ve recovered over $3 billion for our clients and received a number of impressive awards and accolades for our hard work. 

With the extensive experience and valuable resources we’ve accumulated since our firm’s establishment, we’re confident that we can do what’s right for your case. Here’s what our sexual abuse lawyers from Alabama can do to make your case as successful as possible:

  • Conduct an investigation
  • Collect evidence such as witness statements, medical records, personal testimony, and other records that shed light on the abuse you endured
  • Analyze evidence and use it to establish that your abuser(s) should be held liable for financial losses and emotional damage
  • Take your case to court and represent your best interests throughout the entire legal process
  • Fight for the remedies you need to move past this difficult time

Fight for the Compensation You’re Owed

When you work with a sexual abuse attorney from our Alabama team, they’ll take every step required to get the damages you deserve. If they are successful in recovering compensation on your behalf, you could benefit from the following financial remedies:

  • Medical bills: Sexual abuse can cause several different injuries that may require medical treatment, medications, and other forms of care. An attorney can seek compensation to cover the medical expenses you’ve incurred due to your abuse-related injuries. 
  • Income losses: If the sexual abuse you experienced caused you to miss work or has limited your opportunities for employment, our attorneys may be able to pursue compensation for the income losses you’ve taken on. 
  • Emotional distress: The emotional scars of abuse can significantly impact your life and may follow you for years. Tell a lawyer from our firm if the abuse you endured affected your mental health. That way, they’ll be able to pursue the compensation you need to cope with intrafamilial sexual abuse and other forms of abuse.
  • Punitive damages: While punitive damages aren’t awarded in every case, they may be considered under some circumstances. When they are awarded, punitive damages are used as a way to punish the offending party and dissuade them from engaging in similar behavior and illegal acts down the road. 

Speak With a Compassionate Alabama Sexual Abuse Lawyer for Free

Depending on your circumstances, you might hesitate to speak up about the sexual abuse you’ve experienced and seek legal counsel. That’s why we make it incredibly easy to get the advice and advocacy you need to take action against your abuser. To get started on your case, simply contact Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC today and schedule a free consultation.

We’ll set up a free, no-obligation meeting between you and a compassionate Alabama sexual abuse lawyer who is ready to listen to your story and provide the guidance you need to do what’s right for you. If they find you have grounds for a claim, they’ll draw on their impressive experience to get the results you deserve.