Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

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Some injuries cause more serious injuries than others. Suppose you experienced a major injury due to someone else’s negligent actions. In that case, you may have a chance to secure compensation with help from a catastrophic injury lawyer from Heninger Garrison Davis. 

Our team puts you first and focuses on resolving your legal claim while you recover from your accident. You can rely on a personal injury lawyer to handle your legal concerns when you contact us after an accident. 

Find out more about how we can bring you compensation by calling or completing our online contact form. 

What Kind of Accidents Lead to Catastrophic Injuries?

Any kind of accident could result in a catastrophic injury. Our team focuses on the details of your situation. We can step in to help if you sustained injuries due to: 

The above list contains only examples of the accident claims we handle for clients like you. You can contact a catastrophic injury attorney to learn more about your options. 

What Qualifies as a Catastrophic Injury?

Most states have a specific set of criteria before classifying an injury as catastrophic. Generally, the injury must have a major and long-lasting effect on your life and overall well-being to qualify. 

Examples of catastrophic injuries can include:

  • Damage to the spinal cord that results in permanent paralysis or loss of function 
  • Traumatic brain injuries that lead to permanent brain damage
  • The traumatic loss of a limb or appendage, such as an arm, leg, hand, or foot
  • Second and third-degree burns over large portions of the body 
  • Harm to major organs like the heart, lungs, liver, or kidneys 
  • Extensive fractures in arms, legs, hips, skull, vertebrae, or ribs
  • Total or near total loss of sight or hearing that is irreversible
  • Scarring, loss of facial features, deformities, or other extreme physical changes to appearance

The common thread is catastrophic injuries have permanent, life-altering impacts on the victim and involve long-term rehabilitation and disability. They typically have much higher financial costs as well. You can discuss your specific injuries with a catastrophic injury lawyer. 

How does a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Help?

Your catastrophic injury lawyer can help with all aspects of your legal claim. Our team:

  • Thoroughly reviews what happened to prove liability 
  • Helps manage care between various specialists and facilities 
  • Pursues all available sources of compensation 
  • Holds negligent parties fully liable 
  • Provides knowledgeable advice on navigating the legal system
  • Handles legal matters so you can focus on your health and recovery

An experienced catastrophic injury lawyer can prove to be a tireless advocate with the skills to maximize available compensation and help you rebuild your life. You can contact us immediately after an accident to seek professional assistance. 

What Compensation do You Get for a Catastrophic Injury?

Our team focuses on the specific losses you experience after a catastrophic injury. Depending on your situation, you may receive coverage for your: 

Medical Expenses

We can take steps to bring you funds to cover extensive hospital bills, surgeries, medications, therapies, in-home care, rehabilitation, assistive equipment, and ongoing treatments needed. These costs can easily run into the millions.

Lost Income and Disability Expenses

We can calculate your reduced ability to work and earn an income, including projected future losses. Your catastrophic injury attorney can factor in lost pension and benefits as well.

Our legal team also focuses on the costs of modifications to homes, vehicles, and other living necessities to accommodate disabilities caused by catastrophic injuries. 

Pain and Suffering

We consider the additional damages for the physical and emotional trauma and associated changes in quality of life, which may become the largest component of catastrophic injury compensation.

Caregiver Support

You may qualify for compensation for family members who need to take time off work or otherwise alter their lives to care for you after a major accident results in a catastrophic injury.

Punitive Damages

Finally, in cases of gross negligence or misconduct, the court may award punitive damages to punish the defendant. However, some states have far more restrictions on punitive damages than others. 

The total value of catastrophic injury compensation often ranges from millions to tens of millions of dollars because of the sheer extent of losses. An experienced lawyer can pursue maximum recovery on your behalf. 

Why Select Us for Your Catastrophic Injury Claim?

Our team at Heninger Garrison Davis can provide you with relentless support after a catastrophic injury. We only get paid if we bring you compensation due to our contingency pricing strategy. 

We’ve recovered over $3 billion in damages for clients like you and have experience representing clients nationwide.  

You can contact us around the clock to discuss your legal situation and next steps. We provide video consultations for clients who experienced major accidents, so reach out to us now for help from a catastrophic injury attorney. 

How Long do You Have to File a Catastrophic Injury Claim?

The time available to file your catastrophic injury claim can vary based on your location. However, most states give you a few years to move forward with a personal injury claim after a serious accident. 

You can speak to a catastrophic injury lawyer about the deadlines for your specific situation. 

Speak to Us After Sustaining a Catastrophic Injury 

You can hire a catastrophic injury lawyer from Heninger Garrison Davis to address your legal concerns after an accident. We’ll put you first and focus on securing fair compensation for any losses you sustained. 

Find out more by calling or filling out our online contact form.